Rabbit Hutches

A rabbit hutch is much more than just a few pieces of material (usually wood) that have been pieced together to house a rabbit. In fact, a rabbit actually has quite complex needs when you start to drill into it, but that’s not to say that you can’t make it easy for yourself. The information that follows has been designed to assist you with selecting the correct hutch for your rabbit to ensure it is happy and healthy, and is getting what it needs from its home.

Selecting the correct hutch for your rabbit can help to prevent health problems including muscle wastage, or spine deformities.  These kinds of issues will occur when the rabbit has a lack of space to move about, and that can also bring along issues including aggression or the rabbit chewing the cage, and other things too.

When selecting a rabbit hutch, please consider the following points:

  1. Make sure any hutch is predator and weather proof, and is a large, solid construction.
  2. Ensure that the door fastenings are strong enough to keep out potential dangers e.g. foxes.
  3. Ensure there is adequate ventilation for when the weather is warmer.  Wooden structures can overheat pretty quickly during summer.
  4. You will require a hutch that has a living area, with a portioned sleeping area.  Also ensure there is a strong wire-mesh door to prevent the rabbit from escaping, or any danger getting in.
  5. They will require to be raised on legs as this will assist in protecting from damp, and also help to deter any vermin.
  6. Ensure that the roof is only covered with roofing felt, and that this is sloped to allow water to run off (it requires the roof to overhang for this).
  7. The hutch will need to be placed in a sheltered area as rabbits cannot tolerate drafts, excess heats or damp.  Never put a hutch in direct sunlight or driving snow/rain either.
  8. Ensure there is enough space to be adding extra warmth (e.g. extra bedding) during the winter months to ensure the rabbit is kept well insulated.